How do we help customers to comply with the standards?

We evaluate, audit, and refine the existing system (if any) of the organization to recommend the necessary steps to comply with the standard, implement the agreed functionalities/features, and request our customer to perform UAT before applying or renewal of certification. Once the UAT is done, we facilitate our customer to get certified, however, it is the responsibility of the customer to apply and get approved for a certain certification.

How do we protect data privacy during the evaluation process?

We recommend our customers grant us access to their system in a secured remote environment that allows us to review the data in authorized settings and help us understand the inner setup of the company.

Do we provide formal attestation and file attestation service as well?

Currently, we do not offer such services but we are developing a setup to help our customers in the coming days.

What if a customer is unable to get certified for certain compliance or standard?

We are responsible to pass UAT to conform to compliance or standard, moreover, the process of filing and attestation is also an important part of getting certified (which is out of our scope) therefore, we cannot guarantee customers to get certified but we would be happy to assist you voluntarily in this regard. We also have a successful track record of helping our customers gain UAT (100% maybe?)


Do we create customized solutions as per customer’s needs or do we have pre-built systems?

We have both options available for our customers. It is up to their needs…

Which features/functionalities in which we are an expert related to Stock Market Analysis & Research Solution?

however, we are expert to develop the following:
Mutual Funds
Earning Calendar
Quote Page
Dividend Calculator
Asset Correlation
Ratio Charts
Charts as a service
Portfolio Analytics
Portfolio Rebalancing
Financial Metrics
Advanced charts
Custom Screeners

What type of commodities do we support in our application?

• Equity
• ETFs
• Mutual Funds (MF)
• Options
• Bonds
• Futures
• Forex
• Crypto

Do we develop stock trading platforms?

Yes, we offer a wide range of services to develop stock market trading platforms.


Content Integration

Why do I need Icecat? Do I have to Pay for Icecate?

Icecat is a high quality product content distributor. The platform allows brand management teams and worldwide e-commerce channels to develop product content that entices buyers into making purchases. It is completely free and available online.

Do I need Essendant’s e-Commerce Database (ECDB) 2.0?

It is an expensive commodity but it is worth its money in gold. You will get high quality product content that is customised for your business model. It takes away your need to hire research analysts, etc.

Why is GFK Etilize Spex needed?

GFK Etilize Spex is a globalization tool for your ecommerce website. You will be able to present your product perfectly optimized in 25 major regions and languages to a diverse audience.

What if we are not interested in any major content optimization tools?

Your website will still be our first priority and we will develop a customized content integrations setup exclusively for your website.

Distributor Integration.

Why do we need Ingram Micro?

Etilize automates the product data collection process, making it more easy, flexible, and accessible. As a consequence, merchants, manufacturers, and consumers all have access to the same information.

Why do I need Tech Data Corporation on my ecommerce portal?

Tech Data offers comprehensive product lines in software, networking, communications, mass storage, peripherals, and computing. Tech Data offers comprehensive pre- and post-sale training, service and support.

What is the use of SP Richards Co?

This easy-to-use, intuitive search engine offers better end-user experience with SearchPro Enhanced E-Content and Search.

But I am not a US based business owner?

That is not a problem at all. We have extensive experience working with the Middle-East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the entire global community. We can launch your product perfectly into the global diaspora.


UI/UX Designers

How do we evaluate clients’ concepts to design their website or app?

Our business analysts and UI/UX specialists connect with you to understand the concept of the client.

What clients will receive in return for this service?

Clients receive XD or PSD files to get the look and feel of the design concept.

What is the benefit of this service?

It helps customers to get a better idea of the product that is going to develop. It helps them to create marketing flyers/banners as per the concept/theme. Also, designing UI/UX makes the customer product concept alive.

Web Application Development

What is our technology stack expertise?

Express / Apollo Client-Server / GraphQL / Vue or React

DotNet Core / REST (Swagger) / Vue or React

Spring Boot / REST (Swagger) / Vue or React

PHP Custom Framework

PHP CodeIgniter 3.x.

Do we provide tech support for web applications?

We provide dedicated tech support experts to monitor clients’ entire IT infrastructure 24×7.

Mobile Application Development

What is our technology stack expertise?

React Native
Appcelerator Titanium
Firebase Cloud Messaging
Apple Push
Google Analytics

Do we provide application publishing services to the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store?

Our deployment engineers take care of publishing apps to Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

Do we create a REST API for the mobile application?

Yes, we create secured web services to connect your core system with mobile applications.

Do we provide tech support for mobile applications?

We provide dedicated tech support experts to monitor clients’ entire IT infrastructure 24×7.

Quality Assurance

How many types of testing do we offer to our clients?

In general, we provide non-functional and functional testing which includes all 17 types of testing in it, the most common ones are Acceptance, Black box, Integration, Security, Stress, and Unit.

Do we write test-cases for clients’ softwares?

Yes, we create and write test-cases for the clients, for test-driven and behavior-driven development.

Why is test automation important?

It helps you reduce the feedback cycle and bring faster validation for phases in the development of your product.

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