Condor Cash Mobile Application

Client: Condor Cash

Duration: 3 Months

Team: 1 Mobile App developer + 1 Back-end developer + 1 UI/UX designer



More than 40% of incometrader users were browsing the website using their mobile and tablet devices, even though the website was responsive, still the client was losing customers therefore to capitalize maximum users, they need to have a mobile application on both Appstore and Play Store.



  • User oriented
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Performance critical
  • Application security


Our benchmark application was “Binance”. We created 4 milestones to publish the first stable version of the app:

  1. UI/UX design
  2. Application Basic prototyping
  3. REST API development
  4. Functionality development
  5. Publishing

Google play




500+ users signed up in the first 30 days.

Project Info