Workflow Management System

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The quality issues observed in construction practices are addressed in a report called the non-conformance report or the non-conformity report (NCR).

Dynamic form to create tickets

Automated rule-based operations perform while executing workflows. Management, and operational staff receive tickets to perform certain options to avoid non-conformance.

Admin can configure ticket, workflow and application configuration

Once a ticket is created, an associated workflow executes. Admin can modify the workflow steps anytime

Admin can manage application users and their roles

System sends auto-generated emails to Workflow users to let them notify.


What is the technology stack we used to build this application?

.NET Core, SQL Server, Vue.js

Can we use this application in support to comply with ISO 9001-2015?

Yes, this application is designed to avoid non-conformance, which is the part of the quality management system’s process.

Is there any reporting tool in the application to monitor tickets and its resolution?

Yes, admin users have a dashboard to see the executive summary in charts and tabular format to overview tickets and its workflow.

Where is my order?

These are complex programs we are developing for our clients. Your order is being developed as we speak but these programming projects require long hours and considerable time.