Vehicles Workshop Management System

A web-based automotive solution to manage daily operations and services.


360 Workshop MIS

Workshop Management System is a Window-based automotive solution, designed for daily operations of your workshop from anywhere at any time. It is suitable for managing large numbers of vehicles and other workshop-related assets.

Define all your workshop services at a place and use them for quotation and billing purposes.

Master data of cars -- make, model, and type etc.

Manage store inventory and associate inventories to the bills (where required).

Manage master data of automobiles, it helps to describe the service in detail.

Create automated quotations for customers so they see the details of the estimates before assigning the job.

Once the job is created, the store manager can create a bill associated with a job.


What is the technology stack we used to build this application?

.NET Core, SQL Server, Vue.js

Can we use this application in support to comply with ISO 9001-2015?

Yes, this application is designed to avoid non-conformance, which is the part of the quality management system’s process.

Is there any reporting tool in the application to monitor tickets and its resolution?

Yes, admin users have a dashboard to see the executive summary in charts and tabular format to overview tickets and its workflow.