Schools Tournament Management System


SAAS Platform

Different Schools can sign up for their account and participate in tournaments.

You can search and see all the registered school in one place.

School teachers can create and manage their teams on a user-friendly interface.

Once a tournament is created, organizers can create fixtures and notify participants.

A detailed scorecard can be seen once a match is finished.

Schools can create tournaments and invite other schools to participate.

School management is able to create and remove school teachers and grant certain permissions to them.

After finishing the match, organizers can post the result.

Admin can manage master data of application as well as management of actors.


Do we offer this kind of application SAAS?

Yes, the concept of developing such an application is generally multitenant where schools and other actors can sign up for their account, share information and organize matches and tournaments.

Is this application specifically designed for school sports?

Yes, it is specifically designed for schools, but it is scalable enough to add and modify core features to suit your unique requirements.

What is the technology stack we used to build this application?

We worked with PHP CodeIgniter 3, MySQL, Bootstrap. Reliable, long lasting and trustworthy products.