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Given our broad exposure to the industry including both B2C and B2B as far as eCommerce goes and having worked with channel incubation companies and vendors of the top distributors across North America, we offer a wide range of solutions and services depending upon your niche domain. Our clients are working with the top distributors in North America.

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How Product Feeds Work for e-Commerce

A data feed is a file that gains information from another system. Feeds are widely used in e-Commerce, and product feeds are most often used by vendors.

We offer a comprehensive set of product data feed management solutions covering the complete feed life cycle from feed creation, product feed management, and updating to feed submission.

Our initiative is aimed at providing clients with intelligent, adaptable, and comprehensive eCommerce solutions including online retail stores compatible with all major eCommerce platforms.

We offer clients automation as well as optimization of business processes and tasks of varying scale and complexity.

More than a decade of experience in the eCommerce industry allows us to set up the best product categorization for your site with cross-referencing of sub-categories.