Content Integration

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Third-Party Content Aggregation

An eCommerce business can only be successful by its catalog. Your product catalogue has to be informative, and comprehensive for a global audience.

Rich content integration of Spex Live and Spex Plus subscription plan,

We facilitate our customers to integrate Open Icecat and Full IceCat catalog.

We offer Essendant’s e-Commerce Database (ECDB) 2.0 and Smart Search integrations into your application.

Get the aggregated news in one place of your favorite stocks.


Why do I need Icecat? Do I have to Pay for Icecate?

Icecat is a high quality product content distributor. The platform allows brand management teams and worldwide e-commerce channels to develop product content that entices buyers into making purchases. It is completely free and available online.

Do I need Essendant’s e-Commerce Database (ECDB) 2.0?

It is an expensive commodity but it is worth its money in gold. You will get high quality product content that is customised for your business model. It takes away your need to hire research analysts, etc.

Why is GFK Etilize Spex needed?

GFK Etilize Spex is a globalization tool for your ecommerce website. You will be able to present your product perfectly optimized in 25 major regions and languages to a diverse audience.

What if we are not interested in any major content optimization tools?

Your website will still be our first priority and we will develop a customized content integrations etup exclusively for your website.