The Compliance Management team to help you gain updated certifications for your website.

Designocracy offers application security solutions for business-critical functions to SMEs reliant on software security. Dimensional Sys streamlines testing to save costs and enhance security throughout the development process by unifying a broad range of SaaS-based services on a cloud-based platform.

Compliance advisors to get you Certified perfectly!

Compliance verification system that will help you gain appropriate GDPR certification on your schedule.
Gain PCI Compliance approval for swift, effective, and secure payment methods on your website.
We can develop ADA compliance websites that will provide a high-quality experience to disabled users.
ISO 10383 (MIC)
We will gain you your own MIC Code quickly and with professional verification.
NCR ISO 9001:2015
We help you in the quality management of your organization. We have extensive experience developing a Non-Conformance Reporting application to facilitate them to comply with ISO 9001:2015.


How do we help customers to comply with the standards?

We evaluate, audit, and refine the existing system (if any) of the organization to recommend the necessary steps to comply with the standard, implement the agreed functionalities/features, and request our customer to perform UAT before applying or renewal of certification. Once the UAT is done, we facilitate our customer to get certified, however, it is the responsibility of the customer to apply and get approved for a certain certification.

How do we protect data privacy during the evaluation process?

We recommend our customers grant us access to their system in a secured remote environment that allows us to review the data in authorized settings and help us understand the inner setup of the company.

Do we provide formal attestation and file attestation service as well?

Currently, we do not offer such services but we are developing a setup to help our customers in the coming days.

What if a customer is unable to get certified for certain compliance or standard?

We are responsible to pass UAT to conform to compliance or standard, moreover, the process of filing and attestation is also an important part of getting certified (which is out of our scope) therefore, we cannot guarantee customers to get certified but we would be happy to assist you voluntarily in this regard. We also have a successful track record of helping our customers gain UAT (100% maybe?)